a groom looks out the front of the church waiting for the bride

Why I Love This Photo: Looking For The Bride

The bride arriving late for a wedding is a given right? Right? Well not according to this groom. After everyone had been ushered inside for the imminent arrival of the bride the groom must have been getting nervous as he decided to break with tradition and stick his head out the door to see if his soon-to-be wife was on her way yet. Fortunately she wasn’t as it gave me the chance to point my lens back at the church and catch him on the look out. By the time she did arrive he’d been ushered back in himself so I could focus on the car and the bride.

Why The Photo Works

I love this photo as it so clearly tells the story above. It works as an image because the groom stands out so clearly, caught by the sun he is framed perfectly against the dark background of the inside of the church. I like the near symmetry of the building too as it simplifies the image and makes the groom stand out a little more.

Stanmore Church Wedding

I took this photo at a classic ‘Metroland’ church in Stanmore, Middlesex. It’s a part of North London that expanded rapidly during the 1930s when large imposing brick structures were the building style of churches in the area, particularly Catholic churches. While maybe not as picturesque as a quaint church in an old English village, the stark lines and imposing nature of the buildings allow an alternative take on wedding photography rather than just looking for ‘pretty pictures’ and I don’t think this image would have worked as well in a smaller building. From a photographer’s point of view they are a dream to work inside too with plenty of light and space. A stark contrast from some of the dark churches built centuries ago where the ceremonies are carried out in what can feel like near darkness.


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