About My Wedding Photography

The thing I love about wedding photography is working with people on what for many is the biggest day of their lives. The thought of doing a fashion shoot with models in a controlled studio environment where it’s just another job has never really appealed to me.

I’ve occasionally been asked what I look for when I’m photographing a wedding, and there’s no one thing I could say. But, here’s a few that are important…Good light, it can make an OK photo into an amazing one. Emotion, whether that’s laughter of crying, capturing those emotions are key to telling the story of the day. Composition, and this is almost one that I don’t think about, it just kind of comes without thinking after years of shooting weddings.

There are many more elements to making a great wedding photograph but those would be my top three. When it all comes together I get a real buzz seeing the image and it’s the best thing ever to hear back from couples when they love their photos too.

I like to use the natural light available where possible. I think it helps to preserve the atmosphere that was probably an important part in your decision for choosing that venue. However, if there’s time to set up some lights for a few creative portraits then that can be fun too.

When I’m not at a wedding taking photos, I’m usually somewhere else taking photos just for the fun of it. Below is a selection of my images from near home and on my travels, and I couldn’t resist showing our cats off. When I’m shooting for myself I don’t really focus on one thing, I just like to go out and observe the world, looking for lighting and composition whatever the subject. Finding something new is always exciting and I think that’s why every photographer says they love to travel.

About Me

I love it when people tell me they hate having their photo taken, then tell me they love their photos. I love my cats, even when they jump on me at 5am. I love my wife and our home. I love Brannigan’s roast beef and mustard crisps but they’re a bugger to find now. I love pinball machines. I love to cycle and on a warm summer’s day head out into the Chilterns while avoiding as many hills as I can. I love cheese, the smellier the better. I love real ale. I love cooking. So it’s just as well I love cycling. I love going for a long walk up big hills or by the sea and getting lost in thought and conversation about nothing and everything. I just enjoy the way that step by step you can get to the top of a mountain and while you’re taking in the view look back to where you started and think…bloody hell. And I love taking photos of that. I love photography. I love the sound of the shutter, I love composing an image and I love it when people tell me they love their photos because I know that I’ve made a difference.

Neil Sampson